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Hormone & Weight Loss Programs

The initial comprehensive assessment for Hormone & Weight loss Program is $475.00 which includes history evaluation, laboratory analysis and initial visit. This initial assessment begins with the patient’s completion of our detailed health history form. When this is completed, the physician will develop a laboratory requisition form that the patient will be e-mailed to take to their nearest Quest or Labcorp to have their blood drawn. When the labs are complete the results will be sent to our office for evaluation (a copy will be sent to you for your records). Once these labs are received in our clinic, the patient will come for the initial 1-½ hour visit that includes a thorough review of their medical history, present symptoms and health goals.


Brief consultation

30 minute brief consultation for $125.00 can be applied to the $475 fee for the Hormone & Weight loss Program when you sign up. For the brief consultation we would still need for you to fill out the demographics, History & HIPAA forms prior to your visit.

Preventive Age Management Program

The annual retainer fee for the Comprehensive Preventive-Aging Program is $1200.00* and includes quarterly/semi-annual office visits, email and phone consultations as needed, treatment plan adjustment and monitoring.


We also offer a weight loss plan which includes HCG, appetite suppressant and counseling. The fee is $300.00 per month or $250.00 per month for those on our Preventive Age Management Program.We do accept credit (except American Express) and debit cards as well as checks or cash.

We do not accept insurance although we will provide you with a super-bill for our services which you file with your insurance carrier and you may be able to get a partial reimbursement from them depending on your plan. If you have any questions about our fees or payment methods, you may contact our office at 703-272-8501.


*(Note that the prices provided above do not include the cost of lab tests or prescriptions. These costs are usually covered by your insurance carrier depending on your coverage minus your co-pay to the pharmacy and laboratory.)


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The mission of Longevity Wellness Centers is to demystify the processes of aging and provide the tools and knowledge people need to live the life they have imagined.
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