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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is designed to treat individuals who suffer from PMS, menopause/andropause, loss of sex drive, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, weight gain and more. All of these are associated with hormone imbalances and can be treated with FDA approved bioidentical hormones.

“We age because our hormones decline. Our hormones do not decline because we age.” This is the mantra for the Neuroendocrine theory of aging. Hormones are chemical substances in our bodies that are released to have an effect on tissues somewhere else in the body.

They act as biochemical messengers. They turn on cell functions and turn off cell functions. Gene expression can be altered by the presence or absence of hormones. Hormones control our responses to illness by controlling our immune system, our responses to stress, our sexual development, our growth and our metabolism. When hormone levels are balanced and at optimal levels in our bodies, we are more likely to enjoy good health provided our lifestyle choices are also healthful".

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*Not only do we offer Bioidentical-Hormone Therapy using a wide variety of formulations (sublingual, topical, injectable, etc.) – we now offer Wiley Protocols as well as Pellet Therapy (Replacement for men is twice a year, and for women 3-4 times a year.)

Wiley Protocol Rhythms: (for more information, see

Wiley Systems releases new and original Wiley Protocol® Rhythms

Based on the premise employed in the original 28WP, biomimetic hormone restoration therapy (BHRT), these new Protocols replicate additional hormone rhythms. As with the original Wiley Protocols, we recognize that the body’s rhythms work in tandem with nature.

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Wiley Protocol™ – Biomimetic Hormone Restoration Therapy Natural Estradiol and Progesterone Cream

The Wiley Protocol® is a trademarked, patent protected bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery system consisting of biomimetic estradiol and progesterone in a topical cream preparation -- dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by a woman’s body when she was in her prime.

The Wiley Protocol is multi-phasic rhythmic dosing, meaning that the topical creams are administered via measurable plunger applicators and their amounts vary throughout the 28 day cycle to restore the hormone levels.


Wiley Protocol for Men™ – Biomimetic DHEA and Testosterone Restoration.

As men get older they often notice a decline in their competitive interests, sex drive and overall enthusiasm for life. Most men experience androgen and testosterone deficiency that goes unrecognized. Medical research has shown that restoring androgens, to optimum levels can provide significant improvement in mood, increased energy and sexual function. Restoring the body's normal balance of hormones can make a man feel strong, healthy, energized and happy again.


Wiley Protocol Thyroid™ – Biomimetic Thyroid Hormone Restoration.

If you require thyroid medication, you may now choose rhythmic dosing using Wiley Protocol Thyroid instead of your static dosing in pill form. Wiley believes that the traditional dosing of thyroid formulas may interfere with the rhythms of the original Wiley Protocol Wiley Protocol Thyroid is the only Biomimetic thyroid therapy on the market today. It uses the rhythms of nature to mimic the manner in which thyroid hormone occurs in a healthy body. It will not interfere with the original Wiley Protocol.


Wiley Protocol Testosterone™ for Women – Biomimetic Testosterone Restoration.

As a women ages her libido and desire for sex often diminishes. Testosterone can plays a key role in libido, energy, and immune function in women. Produced by the ovaries, testosterone, over the course of the menstrual cycle, has a rhythm in women. Testosterone levels are highest for a woman in the early twenties, but by the time she approaches and enters menopause there may be a testosterone deficiency. The replacement of estrogen alone may not correct loss of muscle tone, absent sex drive, or general lack of mental function. The Wiley Protocol Testosterone cream for women is biomimetic and replicates feminine testosterone hormone rhythms.


Wiley Protocol Sparc™ Therapy - Seasonal Pulsatile Adrenal ReCalibration; proprietary Cortisol Blend. Sparc reestablishes day light pulsitility of Cortisol.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland in response to a call from the pituitary. Normal stress and aging deteriorate this 4 times-a-day pulse from brain to adrenals. Reestablishing this wave function enhances sleep at night and day-light hours energy, as well as addressing joint pain and anxiety.

Wiley Protocol Sparc comes as yellow compounded capsules containing the Wiley Protocol proprietary bioidentical Cortisol replacement with a dosing schedule prescribed by the sun.


Wiley Protocol Snooz™ - Neuroendocrine Optimal Organizational Zeitgeber; Melatonin. Snooz recreates night rhythms of Melatonin.

Studies suggest that sleep disorders affect 50 to 70 million Americans, representing approximately 20 percent of the population. Insomnia, or the inability to sleep, has is the most common sleep disorder, affecting between 6 to 12 percent of adults.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the pineal gland that regulates the circadian rhythms of several biological functions in the body. Melatonin is a hormone. Melatonin is secreted at night or in the dark and is used to regulate the sleeping cycle. Melatonin has been shown to not only improve sleep and combat insomnia but also relieve stress and anxiety.

Wiley Protocol Snooz is rhythmically dosed based on a circannual dosing schedule prescribed by your doctor. Plunger applicators contain 30 lines of .0.1 ml. of Melatonin two hours after sunset before bed.



Wiley Protocol For Your Face - Lipogenerative Crème™ can turn back the clock…

Remember the full face of youth? That plump fullness meant smooth, glowing skin, that reflected the light and was velvety to the touch. What if you could rebuild beauty from your hormones up and recover that? The Wiley Protocol for Your Face is a crème that can provide this option by replenishing the fat base just below the skin which plumps up and smooth's the crepe-y fine lines that make us look old. As you age, you lose collagen in lock-step with diminishing levels of estrogen. Since there are estrogen receptors everywhere in your body, especially in the skin. Dermatologists have long noted that systemic hormone therapy seems to improve the appearance of aging skin all by itself. Studies have shown that estrogen, when applied in a cream can penetrate the skin because of its small molecular size. Estrogen is documented to increase the production of collagen, giving skin thickness and resiliency . This crème is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.

This Wiley Protocol is available from select doctors and Wiley Protocol Registered Pharmacies™. All Wiley Protocol's are individually standardized, compounded naturally and made with FDA approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Each comes in color-coded applicators and bags and directions for easy use. A personal calendar is used for a rhythmic dosage scheduling. Dosing instructions are provided on the packaging of all Wiley Protocol's.


These protocols are now available from select doctors and health care providers nationwide,and through select Wiley Registered™ compounding pharmacies. All Wiley Protocol products are individually standardized, compounded naturally and made with FDA approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Each comes in color-coded applicators and bags and directions for easy use. A personal calendar is used for a rhythmic dosage scheduling. Dosing instructions are provided on the packaging of all Wiley Protocol branded products.


VITAMIN D - a pro-hormone and not a vitamin
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Protects against osteoporosis and multiple cancers
Boosts immunity
Improves mood
Improves brain fog
Has a role in reversing cardiovascular disease
HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE – the growth hormone
Decreases body fat
Increases muscle mass
Improves tissue healing and protein synthesis
Increases bone density
Quicker illness recovery
Increases capacity to exercise
Increases skin hydration and elasticity
Improves sense of well being
Decreases incidence of illness
Improves brain function
Increases energy
Increases strength
Increases bone density
Increases libido
Improves sexual sensitivity
Improves sexual function
Improves HDL and LDL levels
Improves cardiovascular health
DHEA – the mother of hormones
Improves neurological function
Increases sense of well being
Improves immune function
Improves stress tolerance
Increases metabolism
ESTROGENS – the female hormone
Protects against heart disease, stroke
Decreases cholesterol
Lowers incidence of Alzheimer’s
Improves memory
Alleviates symptoms of menopause: headaches, mood swings, bloating, hot flashes, fatigue, waning libido
PROGESTERONE – the hormone of pregnancy
Protects against breast and uterine cancer
Protects against fibrocystic disease
Helps fat metabolism
Helps normalize blood sugar
Helps reverse osteoporosis
Helps thyroid hormone function
Acts as a natural antidepressant
Protects against nervousness
Protects against anxiety and irritability
PREGNENELONE – the gateway hormone
Promotes formation of other hormones
Repairs brain and nerve tissue
Enhances many brain functions
Reduces aging skin
Improves sense of well being
Increases energy and mobility
Improves sleep quality
Reduces harmful stress effects
Reduces aging brain deficiencies
THYROID – the hormone of metabolism
Increases energy
Increases fat burning, and controls weight
Increases your heart rate
Increases your appetite
INSULIN – the hormone of storage
Responsible for getting blood sugar into all cells
Increases fat storage
Increases risk of diabetes, hypertension and stroke
MELATONIN – the hormone of sleep
Responsible for maintaining sleep
Helps alleviate “jet-lag”
Improves mood
Improves the immune system (by decreasing cortisol)
CORTISOL – the hormone of stress
Responsible for responding to stress
Helps protect you against your environment (allergens)
Mobilizes energy, improves fatigue
Increases your appetite for sugar
Decreases bone mass, muscle mass, and slows down your metabolism


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