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As we grow older, more signs of aging become more evident on our faces. This is recognizable as wrinkles and folds, or nasolabial folds. There are various injectable cosmetic fillers available to help improve upon one’s facial appearance and achieve a more youthful look. These fillers add volume and smooth out wrinkles. Collagen and fat are some of the more common fillers.

Restylane is one of several new injectable fillers that provides advantages over fat and collagen injections. Restylane is a non-animal, biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in most of our bodies as it provides volume and fullness to the skin.

Restylane has been proven to last longer than fat and collagen injections. It maintains its shape using the body’s own moisture. What results is a longer-lasting, youthful facial appearance. Restylane can be used to either shape facial contours, smooth wrinkles, or sculpt lips. What results is a healthy, more youthful, and fuller appearance. This has grown in popularity. Since 1996, over a million individuals have received Restylane injections worldwide.

In addition to Restylane, we also use Juviderm, Radiesse and Perlane. Below, we provide some common questions and answers specifically for Restylane but Juviderm, Radiesse and Perlane share many of the benefits listed below plus each of them may have benefits not listed for Restylane. For example, Radiesse and Perlane typically last longer than Restylane. Please feel free to visit the websites for each of the products below:





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What are some of the most common benefits of restylane?
Unlike other cosmetic fillers, restylane is non-animal based. This virtually eliminates any form of animal-based disease transmission or allergic reaction. This also eliminates pre-testing to determine any allergic reaction. Also Restylane has been proven to last longer than other cosmetic fillers such as fat and collagen.
How are restylane treatments performed?
Even though no pre-testing is needed, before receiving Restylane injections patients should avoid using aspirin, Vitamin E supplements and other medications. This can increase bruising or bleeding. Be sure to ask your doctor about what you should do to prepare for Restylane injections. The actual treatment itself is very brief. Receiving Restylane injections can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. This all depends on the amount of the area that needs to be treated. During the treatment, the practitioner injects tiny amounts of Restylane into the skin using a very fine needle. For wrinkles, when the Restylane is injected, it procedures natural volume under the wrinkle, which lifts it up and smoothes it out. For facial contours, the Restylane corrects deep folds and lifts up the skin from cheeks and chin. This provides a fuller shape for the chin or a rounder, more sensual line along the cheeks. When using Restylane for lip augmentation, the gel is injected into the inside of the upper or lower lip. It is also injected along the lip line. Not only will this help bring about a more youthful look, it can also help prevent lipstick from bleeding into the small lines around the lips.
How long do treatments take?
The Restylane injections can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how large of an area needs to be treated. Another advantage to Restylane is that the procedure is quick so the patient can have it done during a lunch hour. So patients can take a lunch, have their Restylane procedure, and come back to work looking younger.
Where are the treatments performed?
Restylane injections are usually administered at the doctor’s office.
How much pain is there?
An advantage to the Restylane procedure is that it enhances one’s appearance with a minimal amount of pain. The fine needles used for the treatment, minimize pain. Although pain is minimal, for treating wrinkles and shaping facial contours, patients can request a topical anesthetic. For sculpting lips, local anesthesia is usually given.
What can I expect after restylane treatment?
The results of these injections can be seen almost immediately following treatment. Areas may be swollen or red, but should only last for only one or two days. The results of the Restylane can last six months or even longer. Results may vary. Factors such as age, skin type, daily activities can influence how long the results of Restylane will last. Patients can choose to undergo another treatment twice a year. Going in for a following treatment before the results of the previous Restylane injections disappear will help maintain the lasting effect. Those that do not undergo a follow-up treatment will find their results returning to a pre-treatment state. Discuss with your practitioner to plan future visits.
In general, the best candidates for Restylane are:
Physically healthy
Psychologically stable
Wanting to look younger and more refreshed
Wanting to enhance their facial appearance
Well informed in regard to the procedure’s outcome
Realistic in their expectations
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