At Alletess Medical Laboratory nutrition plays a large part in the lives of our food sensitive patients. We understand that proper nutrition is the foundation of health. For an additional fee, we offer customized wellness plans which reflect your test results. Our staff dietitians are available to answer questions about your wellness plan by phone or email. Their expertise will help navigate the challenges the patient experiences when eliminating and rotating foods in their diet, supporting the patient’s journey toward optimum health.


  • Foods to eliminate are clearly identified.
  • Food recommendations suggest a variety of fresh and nutritious foods.
  • Resources, such as a shopping list and 4-day rotation diet are included to aid the patient in purchasing or preparing food selections.
  • Instructions on how to reintroduce foods are included.
  • Rotation of foods discourages the overindulgence of one food to compensate for the removal of another.
  • Reduces the chance of developing new food sensitivities.
  • A wallet size card that lists the foods the patient needs to avoid is provided (hard copy only) making it easy to food shop.

Candida Plan

The Candida Diet is complimentary with our Candida Profile if there is a positive result. It is a resource to aid in the management of Candida sensitive patients by eliminating particular foods, especially those containing yeast or fungi, and avoiding airborne molds.

Mold Elimination Plan

Molds are found in virtually every environment both indoors and outdoors. Controlling your environment and avoiding certain foods which contain mold can significantly reduce your symptoms. Our Mold Elimination Plan provides a list of common sources of molds, descriptions and common places where molds can be found. A list of mold containing foods is included along with helpful information and resources for mold removal. The Mold Elimination Plan is complimentary with a positive result on our 30 mold allergen panel (15 IgE and 15 IgG).

Anti-inflammatory Plan

Inflammation, our body’s reaction to an injury or illness, can be a good thing because it helps our bodies heal. However, chronic inflammation can contribute to the development of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis and even cancer. This plan is designed to provide informational guidelines to help you get started on an anti-inflammatory eating and lifestyle plan that may improve your health. The Anti-inflammatory plan is complimentary with a positive result on our Unexplained Fatigue Profile.


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